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RADIO SHOWS -  Professional Track Shows

Sept 27        "Sustainable StartUps!" Guest:  Cynthia Kocialski
Sept 20         "Recruitment Positioning Online and Offline" Guest: Adrienne Graham
Sept 13         "Driving Results  with Culture"- Guest: Chris Edmonds (Ken Blanchard Companies)

Aug 30         "Social Media Plus"- Guest: Tyra Burton
Aug 23         "To Be or Not to Be" Guest: Barbara Hofmeister 
Aug 10         "Authentic Life is an Art Form" Guest: Claire Dunaway
 Aug 9          "Innovation and Engagement Leadership" -  Guest: Dr. Daniel Goleman!  

July 26        "Thinking Outside The Frame: How Artists Make Actual Money in the Virtual
                    World" - Gayle Etcheverry
July 19         “The Baking of an Entrepreneur"  - Guest: Jamie Gorey
July 12         "What Are you Willing to Do to Get What you Truly Want?"  - Guest: Paula Renaye

June 28       "Brand Marketing Strategies for Distinction" Guest- Lauren Young
June 21       "Taking Content to Profit" - Guest: Pam Hendrickson
June 14       "Global Vision, Thoughts & Resources for Entrepreneurs"Guest: Davette Harvey

May 31        "Understanding Sizzling SEO & Social Marketing" Guest: David Felfoldi
May 24        "Embracing an Imperfect World" - Guest: Liisa Kyle, PHD
May 10        "Creating Intentional Happiness in Work and Life" -  Guest: Dr. Robert  Biswas-Diener

Apr 26        "Raising Your Money IQ for Busy Professionals" - Guest: Chris Hendrickson
Apr 19        "The IPad Craze Means Business in Companies & in Schools" Guest: Julio Ojeda-Zapata  
Apr 12         "Transforming Your Results with the Relationship Formula" Guest: David Fraser

Mar 29        "Using Mind/Body Psychology to Increase Life Balance" Guest: Dr. Susan Bernstein
Mar 22        “Build Your Thriving Online Community” Guest: Miranda Marquit & Robyn Tippins
Mar 8          “General Management Captured in an Australian Bullet”  Guest: Michael Horton

Feb 22        “Mission Accomplished: Successful Career Transition” Guest: Luke Green 
Feb 15        “Cultivating Your Success Platform: Emotional Intelligence” Guest: Jodie Charlop
Feb 8         “Mental Mapping” Guest: Scott Goodknight

Jan 25       “Your IT Strategy for Extraordinary Business” Guest: Rick Meekins

Jan 18       “Empowered as an Athlete & an Entrepreneur- Successful Mindset for 
                   Empowerment” Guest: Tom Coffing 
Jan 11       “Increasing Revenues and Business Value while Enjoying Life as a Business
                   Owner” Guest: David Finkel 

As a regular listener, I consider The Power Connection one of the best-kept secrets around for gaining cutting edge information relevant to professional and personal development. Essentially, it allows me to tap into a diverse network of experts and influencers and gain from their knowledge and experience. It is like having a team of virtual mentors ready 24/7 to dispense wisdom, inspiration, and practical guidance! The speakers also provide some incredible opportunities to extend and deepen the learning experience through special offers made at the end of the show. I receive a tremendous amount of value from these shows and always look forward to the next episode; I highly recommend it!
Julie Sharp,
Fan, The Power Connection 
Connecting Businesses and Individuals
Connect.  Grow.  Succeed.

“Marie is a powerhouse. As a member of her Mastermind Power Connection group, I've seen first hand her skill in seeing the synergies between various entrepreneurs. Her massive referral network can directly lead to growing your business. Also, her radio show is a great way to showcase talent and insights from experts!"

Janice Flowers
President, J Flowers Enterprises, Inc. 
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