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“Marie is one of the most dynamic and charismatic individuals you will ever meet. She is competent and highly engaged at every level, whether it be busness, social or personal. Marie has the ability to weave connections between people and create relationships designed to enhance your business or your personal life. Personally, I have met a number of wonderful people through Marie and developed friendships which will undoubtedly last for years. Thanks, Marie!” 
Meral Clarke
Owner, Resume Services
“From the moment you meet Marie, you realize that she is a person like no other! Marie exudes energy, enthusiasm, excitement and passion for life. Marie is a motivator and provides the support and connections needed to make her clients successful.” 
Regina Daniels
Facilitator, Trainer – Dale Carnegie
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PCM Seminar Descriptions

Discover PCM

Helps you solve the puzzle of all the different personality types so you can connect, motivate and resolve conflict with the individuals in your workplace and personal life.

Core Topics

PCM principles will guide you in the ability to interpret stress reactions, predict and help prevent stress patterns in others so effective communication can take place. Additionally, you will gain the tools to keep yourself motivated, as well as motivate others. You will learn about all the personality types. This seminar teaches the application to go along with the knowledge so you already begin to develop the skill before you leave the seminar.

High Performing Teams

Understanding the personality types on our teams and how to communicate with them using their speech patterns, communicating on their channels and pinpointing their motivations. Reduce group conflict by receiving practical knowledge and practice working through the 6 major conflicts of groups. These skills and applications will positively affect your team’s performance and, ultimately, the bottom line.

PCM Level 2: Conflict Resolution

Why is their conflict? Typically we are not taught to deal effectively with conflict. Learn how to spot potential conflict patterns and to discover problem solving strategies, so you will have the ability to enhance your conflict resolution skill. You will be given the tools to understand why conflict occurs and have the opportunity to apply what you have learned in the interactive activities.

PCM Level 3: Advanced Seminar

To maximize your growth and to help bring out the best in others, this advanced seminar is for you. You will gain great knowledge and application as we dig deep into distress behaviors and failure patterns. You will learn much more about phases and the wearing of masks in 3rd degree distress.

Selling Process

Connect and understand with client, even the most difficult, so you can understand their motivations of buying, close the sale and create a quality referral network. Learn how to keep yourself in the “selling” zone.