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The Art & Science of Relationship Networking Various Event Groups
The Serious Business of Social Copper Services
Facilitation of Mastermind Power Connection Groups for Business Professionals and Entrepreneurs
Social Media & The Future COVA
Connecting to Your Goals: Online & Offline Hands on Atlanta
Using Social Media to Promote Yourself & Your Business GSCPA
Expand Your Reach: Applying Your LinkedIn & Connection Power KSU Marketing Association
Connections for Success Direct Steps
Putting Emotional Intelligence Online with David Ryback, PHD Rotary Club of Marietta
Proactive Recruitment Atlanta Engineering Personnel Association
Expand Your Reach: Applying the Power of Social Media Connection Wellstar Health Place
Strategic Planning Various Corporate Groups
General Electric Team Discovery
Creating Your Performance Foundation
General Electric Team Discovery
Creating Your Performance Foundation
General Electric
You Can be Empowered to Achieve Work/Life Balance
Ladies on the Go
Building Your Business Through Social Networking
Holly Springs Association
Cultivating Relationships that Reciprocate Value
Holly Springs
Entrepreneurial Leadership Club
Your Leadership Foundation
McEachern High School
Davette Harvey Empowerment Zone
Marketing Yourself Through Relationship Building
Career Community Network
Marketing Yourself Through Relationship Building
Saint Joseph's
Executive Women's Leadership Group
The Art of Relationship Networking
Coca Cola
Linda Wind, Wind Enterprises
Marketing Yourself Through Relationship Building link 
Internet TV
Connecting Businesses and Individuals
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“Marie is an amazing individual with the highest level of energy you will see in the industry. She consistently brings new information and ways to better the work/life balance for entrepreneurs and large companies. Her past experience and successes are invaluable! We are workied on branding myself and getting the right message out to my industry. I have learned the value of making personal connections in the business world and it has made a huge impact on my clients. The weekly calls and accountability partner concept Marie teaches keeps you on track and making progress. Thank you Marie for all of your support and efforts. You have met the challenge and far exceeded my xpectations.Anyone who works with Marie will get results and clients, but more importantly the motivation and techniques to keep things growing in a positive direction. 
Tobias Hiller CEO Tobias Solutions, LLC

 “This recommendation for Marie Pijanowski represents what she brings to the industry of individual, entrepreneurial and small business development. Marie's commitment to assisting entrepreneurs and individuals with success through her mastermind group offerings and workshops identified her as a leader when it comes to being a visionary. Marie was one of the first to be extended an invitation to join the Global Advisory Board..Marie's contributions have made the launch of the institute phenomenal. ”
Davette Harvey, Founder/President, The Global Institute of Enterprise Development 
“I met Marie at a Dale Carnegie function. Her magnetic personality was immediately apparent. She's positive, outgoing, efficient, and a natural leader. I recommend Marie to anyone who's interested in realizing tangible results that also yield a more positive culture.” Jim Hailey, Facilitator, Trainer – Dale Carnegie