The vision of Center for Social Connections is to internationally implement our intentional business and life growth strategies as a cornerstone in businesses, educational settings, groups and lives so all are provided the opportunity to purposefully create  and grow their business, profession, and their lives to achieve their greatness potential  while achieving work/life balance and fulfillment.

Core Values and Philosophy
Center for Social Connection’s core values include integrity, authenticity, service leadership and commitment. We strongly believe continuous personal and professional development directly correlate into business and life growth.  The core of business and life growth stems from your personal leadership development foundation. Personal leadership is created through knowledge, discipline, habit and implementation of knowledge application. The Center for Social Connections believes through authentic connection, quality relationship building, and quality resources, success and fulfillment will translate. By promoting growth, discovery and connection, the proper mindset is achieved to accomplish your business and life goals.

Business Mission
The Center for Social Connections mission is to be a catalyst in assisting individuals and businesses in establishing business, professional and personal growth and success, while achieving work life balance and fulfillment. 

Personal Mission
To inspire, motivate and educate individuals to grow outside of their comfort zone so they may realize their potential, as well as achieve growth and fulfillment.

Create life and business growth through expanding connection! 

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“A friend referred me to Marie and The Center for Social Connections after I mentioned that I was looking for a mastermind group. I am happy to say that I found that and much more. Marie is an example of someone whose work is perfectly aligned with who she is and the effect of that is powerful. A genuine person of high integrity, Marie is an innovative thinker with a vision for creating a synergistic network of people who want to make a difference. I feel fortunate to be connected with her and to a wider community of like-minded people.”

Julie Sharp, Member,
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